What Happened - A brief summary

Several months ago, the raw pet food community was inflamed by news of divorce proceedings between the Answers Pet Food founder, Jaquelline Hill, and her husband, Keith Hill. Following this began rumors of the forced ousting of both her and her sister, Roxanne Stone. Key employees, such as Dr. Doug Knuven, also exited the company very quickly due to a failing confidence and philisophical differences between the remaining owners of the company and top staff members. Since this time, the sisters, Hill and Stone, began the process of forming a new company, The Kure Pet Food, supported by the farming community in Pennsylvania. Now, that the remaining owners of Answers are having a challenge with sourcing for their raw fermented products, in combination with the current supply chain issues, they have filed a law suit against The Kure. The law suit extends to the farmers as well, tying their hands of being able to make any products that are similar to the Answers Pet Foods for The Kure. You can read about the law suit here: https://petsplusmag.com/answers-tells-retailers-they-could-face-legal-sanctions-for-selling-kure-kure-responds/

What This Means for Your Pet

Basically, this means that we are currently unable to reliably keep any fermented pet foods on hand or special order them as needed. Some pets with conditions have been able to maintain a healthier status after being fed the Answers Pet Foods prior to the break up between owners of the company. However, with the exit of Dr. Doug Knuven, Answers can no longer provide veterinarian formulated feeding protocols legally, because by law there must be a board-certified veterinary nutritionist on staff. Fortunately, I do have some good news for you, Pet Parent! We have been in touch with The Kure and even though they are not able to make their products available just yet due to the court order, they are able to provide us with tips and tricks for how to give your pet the best nutrition until all this nonsense is resolved.

Raw Food Options

It may be some time before the lawsuit is concluded since it is just beginning. Paleo Pet Goods was founded to be your advocate for choosing from the best pet food brands who are transparent, trustworthy and biologically appropriate. Due to the manner in which the remaining ownership of Answers has handled their new competition, they have shown their true colors. They do not put pet health first. They are not advocating for the health of everyone's pets. They are openly shaming themselves by challenging a company for creating a quality-made and sourced pet food. There are several brands of raw pet foods available today and they all coexist in harmony, helping pets to realize their most optimal health and vitality.  As your pet food advocate, you can rely on Paleo Pet Goods, our knowledge and expertise, and our other raw food brands for keeping your pets healthy and happy! If you have been feeding Answers Pet Foods, we have other brands and tips for customizing them to your pet's needs. Just message us, call or come by the store during business hours to discuss the options that are best for your pet's needs. I fully believe that The Kure will become available when all of the drama has subsided. There will always be someone causing us and our pets unnecessary drama, but we will always be here to help you look past it and keep moving forward with your life in spite of it.

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