The store is now open during regular business hours! Curbside pick up and Delivery options will remain effective for customers who need to continue shopping with less contact in public places. We will still be keeping social distancing and frequent sanitation practices in place until the threat of community spread has passed.

Curbside Pickup:            

Orders must be called in or messaged to us in advance for items the store has in stock. If any item requested is out of stock, it will be ordered and when it arrives we will contact you to arrange a pickup time. 

Payment must be provided over the phone with a credit card to minimize any person-to-person or hand-to-hand contact. If a current payment method is on file, orders may be emailed to 

A time frame option will be provided at the time of your order. Please call the store number when you have arrived for your order. Open the trunk or car door where you would like your packages to be placed. We will bring your order out to your car and close doors or trunks to keep a proper social distance from each other.  

Delivery Policy:            

The policy is the same as Curbside Pickup orders, except the order will be delivered. 

Orders totaling $49 or more will be delivered at no additional charge. Orders totaling less than $49 will incur a delivery fee of $5.99. 

Delivery destinations that are more than 12 miles from the store will incur an additional distance delivery fee of $5.99. For example, if the minimum is met, but the delivery address is more than 12 miles from the store, the $5.99 fee will be added to offset the additional travel time and expense.

Special Order Policy:            

Items that are out of stock will be ordered. 

The weekly order deadline is 5pm on Tuesdays. Trucks arrive every Friday afternoon for most brands. 

Victor brand pet foods are ordered from a separate supplier. Their order minimum is extremely high so we order with another store in the area to help meet that minimum together. Because of this minimum requirement, we do not order Victor every week at this time. If you feed this food, you need to plan a month ahead for when and how much to order. When we place the order for the Victor pet foods, you will be notified at that time. Victor orders will arrive on the following Tuesdays when an order is placed for out of stock items and special orders.

We are so appreciative of all our customers' continued support during this difficult time. It is exciting that with all the measures that were taken just over 30 days ago, the curve is flattening and things are getting better! Keep visiting our website and social media pages for further updates as we begin to resume our normal activities.              

Warmest Wags,            

Christine Dawson and Morgan Caldwell