Do you know (one of the many reasons) why we always recommend shopping local, small business versus large, online retailers? You may be paying less on certain products, but there is a reason- YOUR INFORMATION IS NOT SAFE WITH THEM! We highly encourage you to read through the Privacy Policy on the Chewy website. Here are a few statements taken directly from it:

- "Chewy does not rent, sell, trade or disclose your information to unrelated third parties, except as set forth in this Privacy Policy." - Notice the word "UNRELATED" added in there. They deem any website that they advertise to you on as a "related" third party. This means that they are giving (or selling ) your info to those websites that you see a Chewy ad on- for advertising purposes, of course. 

- After talking about how they give/sell your information to the third-parties they work with they also state, "Please understand, however, that it is possible for third parties to access information despite our efforts. For this reason, we do not guarantee that your use of the site and/or information provided by you will be private or secure. By using our services, you assume this risk." 
So your info isn't safe from "unrelated" third parties either?! Bummer.

- You have that "Do Not Track" request on your browser though. That should protect you, right? WRONG. Read this:
"Our site does not support "Do Not Track" preferences that may be available in your browser to inform websites that you do not want them collecting certain types of information. If you activate the Do Not Track setting in your browser, our site is not capable of satisfying the preference you set."

- Did you click on that Facebook ad from Chewy? Well, now they have your social media info too. 
"You may be able to access the site through third-party social media platforms (such as Facebook) (each, a "Social Media Service"). If you log on to site through a Social Media Service, you give us permission to access, store and use any information that you permit the applicable Social Media Service to share with us in accordance with your privacy settings with the applicable Social Media Service."

Help PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY and support your local, small business by keeping it local! Paleo Pet Goods has a BEAUTIFUL website (we might be biased though ), and can ship to your door for most products. If you live in the area, swing by and check us out. In addition to carrying many high quality brands that do not trust Chewy with their products, we aren't selling your info because we care about you, our client, and your animals like family because that's exactly what you are to us. ❤️

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything stated in this article, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at