Paleo Pet Goods was founded with a mission to ensure that our curated foods are made by manufacturers who provide pet foods that are trustworthy, safely sourced and produced with vigilant quality control standards. This mission keeps your pets safer from being harmed by a pet food and gives you the peace of mind you need to provide the best nutrition for your furry friends.

Midwestern Pet Foods has unfortunately failed to provide foods that meet our strict standards and will no longer be recommended or special ordered as a curated brand at Paleo Pet Goods. This is the second recall that has occurred this year. The first recall in January was due to Aflatoxin contamination and caused deaths and illnesses in pets, thereby violating our mission statement for causing harm to animals. If you are feeding any of the brands produced by Midwestern Pet Foods, please visit the link below to learn if your pet food is included in this recall. Even if it is not on the list, we highly recommend that you get our assistance with choosing a different brand to switch your pet to. If you have any questions or concerns, please message us or call the store. We are here to help you!