Today is Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021 and the Greater Houston area has been affected by the coldest winter storm in 122 years! Since Sunday night, many are without power due to the demand on the power grid and utility service providers being unprepared for such an event. The store did not lose power supply until early this morning when the service was cut off in an effort to control power outages. However, I have learned from Centerpoint not to expect the power to be restored to the store address for at least the rest of the day. I have no idea how long it will actually be before the service is restored. 

We have several freezers that are stocked with frozen raw foods and gently cooked foods. At the moment they are still at proper temps due to the extremely cold weather. However, if the interior store temperature does not fall below the 32 degree mark before the freezer temps rise above 40 degrees, the foods will begin to thaw out. If you need frozen food or you have an order that was not picked up before the storm hit, please message us using the chat bubble popup and let us know if you would like to come the store this afternoon to get what you need while you can. Another storm will be coming through tonight and tomorrow. Although it will not be as severe, power supply will continue to be affected until this weather has passed and the temps return to normal this weekend. 

The store will not reopen until consistent power is available. We hope to be reopened by this Friday, but please watch for updates from us via the website, Facebook and our email/text updates. 

Thank you for your continued support and ongoing business. The whole team and I here at Paleo Pet Goods cannot express in enough words as to how much this is appreciated now more than ever. It brings new meaning to the phrase "We will get through this together". Stay warm and safe! 

Warmest wags to you all, 

Christine and the Paleo Pet Goods Team