Our mission at Paleo Pet Goods is to always provide you with the nutrition that your pets are hunting for. Every day when we open the store, we look forward to helping our community of Pet Parents with all the unique pet nutrition needs you bring to us, whether it be coming into the store or calling us with questions ahead of time. We deeply love seeing and helping each one of you, so it is with a heavy heart that we must bring you the latest news, that we will be temporarily be changing our store hours beginning March 23rd until the local authorities and CDC agree that the Stay-at-Home order can be safely lifted. The latest time period has been extended to May 5th.

During this time, we will be available at the store location to accommodate curbside pickup of orders that are either called or messaged in to us. The front door will be kept locked during the temporary hours of operation and orders will be brought to your car instead. For those of you who cannot venture out due to health concerns, your orders will be delivered. Please see below for our curbside pickup and delivery policies. Our temporary hours will be in effect through May 5, 2020 or until the Stay-at-Home order has been lifted.  

Temporary Hours:  

  • Monday thru Thursday 12pm - 5pm
  • Friday and Saturday 11am - 6pm

Curbside Pickup:   

  • Orders must be called in or messaged to us in advance for items the store has in stock. If any item requested is out of stock, it will be ordered and when it arrives we will contact you to arrange a pickup time.
  • Payment must be provided over the phone with a credit card to minimize any person-to-person or hand-to-hand contact. If a current payment method is on file, orders may be emailed to orders@paleopetgoods.com.
  • A time frame option will be provided at the time of your order. Please call the store number when you have arrived for your order. Open the trunk or car door where you would like your packages to be placed. We will bring your order out to your car and close doors or trunks to keep a proper social distance from each other.

Delivery Policy:   

  • The policy is the same as Curbside Pickup orders, except the order will be delivered.
  • Orders totaling $49 or more will be delivered at no additional charge. Orders totaling less than $49 will incur a delivery fee of $5.99.
  • Delivery destinations that are more than 12 miles from the store will incur a distance delivery fee of $5.99.

Special Order Policy:   

  • Items that are out of stock will be ordered.
  • The weekly order deadline is 5pm on Tuesdays. Trucks arrive every Friday afternoon for most brands.
  • Victor brand pet foods are ordered from a separate supplier. Their order minimum is extremely high so we order with another store in the area to help meet that minimum together. Because of this minimum requirement, we do not order Victor every week at this time. If you feed this food, you need to plan a month ahead for when and how much to order. When we place the order for the Victor pet foods, you will be notified at that time. Victor orders will arrive on the following Tuesdays when an order is placed for out of stock items and special orders.

Our distributors and manufacturers are increasing their supply as much as possible, but please only order what you absolutely need for your pets. There is no need to over buy because the manufacturers have all been in contact with us and their operations are not being interrupted by the temporary restrictions that have been put in place to prevent people from traveling and spreading the virus further. We appreciate your flexibility and patience. If a product you need cannot be received due to a distributor shortage, we will either try to order it the next week or recommend an alternate product that the distributor can provide. 

This decision, while it pains us, is to continue to align with the latest directive from Governor Abbott as well as the CDC. Now more than ever we are encouraging you to please take this global event seriously. Our clients and team's health is at the top of our priorities.   


We are confident in the resilience of our community as well as our national leadership to successfully navigate through these uncertain times. Our hope is that we may soon put this unprecedented event behind us and resume our normal daily routines. Together we will prevail and come out stronger than ever! 

Warmest Wags,   

Christine Dawson and Morgan Caldwell