Holidays can change when our distributor weekly deadlines for submitting orders occurs. Don't run out of pet food during the Thanksgiving holiday! Please review the details below to know when the deadlines are for ordering select brands this week. As long as an item is not out of stock with the distributor, most orders can be fulfilled by Saturday of the same week, but it is recommended that orders be submitted to us at least 10-14 business days before your pet supplies will run out.    

Monday by 3pm for the following brands:    

Acana, Adirondack, Answers A+ Fermented Raw Food, Ark Naturals, Blackwood, Earthborn, Essence, First Mate, Fussie Cat, Inception, Kasiks, Orijen, Oxbow, Plato, Primal Pet Foods, Sportmix, Tucker's Raw Food, Weruva Canned Foods, Yummy Combs, Zignature    

Tuesday by 5pm for all other brands.    

To see all the brands we recommend and offer, visit our Brands Page or message us using the convenient messaging tool below!

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Wednesday 11a-3p

Thursday     CLOSED

Thank you for choosing Paleo Pet Goods - the nutrition your pets are hunting for! 

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Christine Dawson    

Store Owner and Manager