Recently, we added the option to shop and order online via our integrated storefront website. Since payments are processed at the time orders are placed on our website, it has become necessary to adjust our payment policy for special orders that are called in over the phone or via messenger. Instead of processing payments when items ordered offline arrive, we will now process payment at the time that orders are placed. This will make the order process much more streamlined and less confusing for you, our valued customer, and for team members. The other option is to place orders via the website as much as possible. We are still preparing our immense number of products to be visible on the website so if you cannot find a specific item online, ordering offline will be the secondary option until your favorite items are made visible. 

Please review the FAQs you may be thinking of to understand the new process better.

What is the revised payment policy for special orders?

When we receive an offline order from you via phone, email or text message, we will process the full payment for the items you are requesting.     

What if I am redeeming a coupon?

If you have a coupon to redeem please tell us prior to us processing payment so we can advise you how to provide the coupon. Some coupons can be emailed to us as a pdf or image file prior to having a special order set up and processed. Some coupons are physical and need to be given to us in the store. Either way, we will help you redeem coupons as conveniently as possible.     

Will I be able to take advantage of Monthly Astro Offers and Frequent Buyer Programs by placing orders offline?

Yes. Currently, only the Frequent Buyer Program captures qualifying purchases made on our website, but earned rebates must be claimed offline or in the store. Astro Offers are only available by shopping in the store or placing an offline order. You can learn more about Astro Offers and Frequent Buyer Programs HERE.     

How will I know when my order is ready?

We will send you a message via text or email regarding your order status when your order is ready.     

What happens if an item is back ordered with the supplier?

If for some reason an item is affected by a distributor shortage that week, we will send an update to let you know that it may take a little longer to get the item for you. Usually, we can get it by the following week, but in some cases certain brands may take longer to receive. We recommend allowing at least 2 weeks (14 calendar days) for items to arrive, just in case. Plan ahead and always order before running out of your pet food and supplies.     

What is the refund policy when an item is out of stock for more than 2 weeks?

If an item is experiencing a manufacturing shortage, we will be more than happy to refund your credit card for the amount that was charged, or you may choose to place a store credit on file to use on a future purchase or an alternate item that is available.

We appreciate you and your support during every improvement we make as the store grows and develops its technology and processes. If you have any questions about the updated policy that have not been covered above, please message, email or call us.  

Thank you and keep shopping local!     

Christine Dawson